A Little about me

Hey, I'm Col Dixon, why Floating Designer? 
A. I live on a boat called Herbie
B. I try to create a community of dialogue in all my jobs and this involves having good relationships with all departments. 
What makes Good Design?

Good design is about listening to a client and reading between the lines, because design isn't from what is said, but often what is not said.  I always explain that a designers job is we are visual psychologist and each person that comes to you already has an idea of what they want, it's our job to translate that from brain to reality. 
What makes great Design?

This what every designer strives for, hence my fear that companies have become to reliant on trend blogs and competitor research as we are seeing a pattern where design has become homogonised and looking very similar to one another (case in point the the elongated illustrations that are everywhere).  
My beliefs on Design

As I believe in championing the user and challenging the organisation that I was working for in order to be more authentic.  Working in so many different sectors, I have been able to use these opportunities to grow and evolve as a designer, taking knowledge from each product in order pass on to the next.
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