Proptech Startup

Coimmvest was formed by Corrado Augusta in 2015, it was to revolutionise the property investment market, using Peer to Peer functionality which had never been used in the UK.
This product was to be build from the ground up, from UX, Branding, Art Direction and Compliance.  The product was to be made appealing to investors and property developers alike.
After extensive market research (mainly US based) we could formulate a project scope, within this scope we could identify time lines, budgets & pain points.   The first action was to create the branding, within the branding this included Logo, Stationary, Exhibtion rollup banners and other merchandise.  The second stage was to concentrate on the UX, this involved extensive meetings with the FCO, Kessian and Capital Hill (legal).
Once the User Persona's were created we could concentrate on building User Flows, Site Maps and then on to the wireframes (fully Responsive).  Once the wireframes were designed (in UXPin) we tested and researched within HotJar to get User Feedback. 
Once the Wireframes and UX were in place, myself & my team created a full library of components in Sketch with a comprehensive UI guideline to hand over to the development team, liaising constantly and error checking.

Coimmvest Video 01

Coimmvest Video 02

Coimmvest Video 03


Coimmvest in Responsive (Mobile Format)



Borrow Page

Investor Dashboard

Why Us Page

Instructional Page

User Dashboard

Investment Listings Page

Deal Page

User Earnings Page

Question Page (opened functionality)

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