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Greysnow Poker were new on to the market and wanted to make a foothold but had very little budget in order to compete with their competitors, but wanted to make it look like a pro site.
After setting down the brand guidelines for the look and feel of the overall company (, I knew the look and feel I wanted to go for.  I wanted to introduce the pink / blue theme, but I didn't want to make it boxy as most sites. 
By introducing the curve backgrounds, its created a juxtaposition with the brand font - Font Fabric Mont, once the wireframes had been completed it was a case of fleshing out a comprehensive User Interface Guideline for the Development team.
The whole project was fleshed out on bootstrap grids 1920px, 1440px, 1024px, 768px, 600px & 320px with a all screens designed and handed over to the Dev team with columns and break points.

Primary Logo

Secondary logo

Greysnow Homepage

Greysnow Promotions Page

Greysnow Tutorial Page

Greysnow Basic Page Template

Greysnow Sign In

Greysnow Account Management 01

Greysnow Account Management 02

Greysnow User Interface Guidelines

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