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Haitch for Handmade is an ecommerce platform that specialises in curated artisan products made for the luxury market.
Haitch for Handmade wanted a logo that represents strength and Luxury that could be used over all platforms.  They wanted to reach the A-B Demographics (High Spenders) and have a unique stamp about them.
After trying to design within a Serif font, it was clear that it needed something different, so used a font called Visby and started playing around with the kerning and leading to get to the point where the brand name had strength and a sense of uniform. 
Once the logo had been designed, I produced a palette to compliment the strength of the logo.  Rather than going the traditional black and white which is uniform for high end labels, I introduced a warm deep blue to make the brand feel imperial. 
The blue and white was rolled out across packaging, social media, digital and emails.  Making sure all design was consistent and timeless.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

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