Love Cocoa

Luxury Chocolatier

Love Cocoa was founded by the great Grandson of Lord Cadbury, James Cadbury.  One day after meeting on Social Media he asked me my advice on his e-commerce platform, so rather than advising, I showed him as design is not only my living, but my passion too.
The thing to tack was the homepage as the original one was too cluttered with a confusing art direction.  Coming up with a fun and bright colour palette and introducing a fun font (Festivo) it became about fun and engagement. 
Introducing new product shots helped because these could easily be transferred over to social media saving on costs. 
The main thought behind this concept was SEO and how it could help drive the brand to compete with the bigger brands.

`Love Cocoa Homepage

Love Cocoa Cat Page

Love Cocoa Membership Page 01

Love Cocoa Membership Page 02

Love Cocoa Membership Page 03

Love Cocoa Membership Page 04

Love Cocoa Product Page

Love Cocoa Checkout Page

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