Pet Insurance

Napo Pet Insurance is a new player on the market within the pet insurance field. As an experience dog owner and dog walker that has used pet insurance for years, i'm very aware of the need for new and easy experience for pet insurance.  Buying pet insurance is a very emotional experience and one that needs to be reflected within all of its brand and its assets.
Logo Design

Primary Logo

Logo - with digital address

Logo - with strapline

Colour Palette
Colours are a very important aspect within design, they play on the visual psychology and each colour represents a safe zone.  Introducing a base level palette within the warm realm of colour psychology, this is to make the customer feel safe and that subconsciously that Napo is a brand to be trusted.

Nap brand colours in play

Art Direction
​​​​​​​By introducing the playful characters within the brand it was about making the customer remember the good times of owning a pet, when they were playful, this gives the customer a sense of fun.  The characters are unique, playful, witty and fun... all the things that Napo stands for.

Playful cat characters

Playful dog characters

Character Illustrations using brand palette

Facebook & Linkedin page headings with profile logo

Digital rollout
By bringing the brand elements this was to make sure that the brand looked cohesive.  The ui icons are designed within the blue brand palette with a sense of light heartedness to them.  The main pages have been designed with a slight tinge of beige/warm grey in order to lighten them up, also adding the Quincy & Cerco font, this gives a sense of classic yet whimsy at the same time.

User interface icons

Home page redesign

Get a quote page redesign

The help centre page redesign

Brand rollout

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