Vegan Bliss

Vegan Lifestyle Brand

VeganBliss is a brand built to reach the vegan masses, by creating Vegan food deliveries to the local market. 

As with most small businesses, they often don’t come from a business background, so it’s my job as the designer, not only to guide them through the process of explaining the difference between a company and a brand. 

All the owner, Linda knew she wanted was something that is unique and wouldn’t intimidate non vegans the key was that she didn’t want veganism to be taken too seriously and to be approachable.
The first issue was how to create the brand tone, this was to be set down by the logo.  So introducing a playful font (Festivo) and then creating a set of illustrative vegetables, these were the cornerstones of shaping the look and feel. 

Once the logo was created, I could go about creating a style guideline which included colours, typography, photography and social media as well as a user interface guideline.

The website was the last hurdle to tackle as it had to be all singing and all dancing on very little budgets, I set about creating the wireframes in pen and paper then transferred these into sketch.  Once the website was in sketch I could then implement the User Interface that i had designed within the style guidelines. 

The brand is on a hiatus at present until they get more funding.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Html Email

Html Email

Art direction for Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat)

Catering Truck

Staff Uniform

Staff Uniform

Organic Cotton Tote Bag




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