Shopping Centre App

Westfield approached the agency I worked at the time to create an app that would help streamline the customer journey for the Westfield Shopping Centre.
I firstly went about creating the UX (site maps, user flows, Wireframes, Timelines, pain points) for the project in Axure and tested this after extensive research on the data protection laws is this app was about using registration plate recognising camera's.  From there I wanted the app to have a more fashion feel to this, so instead of using the brand fonts, I championed to use Gotham Book across the site, from this I spent days researching images as I wanted the message to convey speed and luxury at the same time.

Entry Screen

Instructional Screen

Sign up Screen

Sign up screen

Sign up screen

Payment Screen

Credit Card Scan Screen

Marketing Subscription Screen

Car Registration Screen

Car Registration Screen

Car Registration Screen

Password Reset Screen

Confirmation Screen

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